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Why It’s So Easy to Build a Home with the Elite Prefab Homes System?

Ever thought that building your dream home would take too much time and it would be easier to buy? That is something that many people think about – along with the extra cost – but the good news is that it is possible to build a home quickly and easily; it is all about choosing the right company and materials to do it for you. One option is to look into prefab homes.

Elite uses structural insulated panels (SIPs) for all of their prefab homes. These use a foam core with cement board either side of it. The panels are perfect when it comes to roofing, ceilings and even exterior walls because they are strong and durable. They are also extremely easy to use, which is why it only takes a day for a team of three people to erect a 2000 sq. ft. home. And it will only take three days from that to complete “dry-in” the prefab homes.
Checkout this guy,
he has all the tools needed to build his home in his left hand. He just needs a helper or 2 that work. :)

He will also be  able to lock the front door in 2 days  & complete the interior in 7 days all for $43.75 a Sq Ft.

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  1. Room Additions
    Room Additions
    The Elite Add-A-Room system is surprisingly flexible, affordable and easily installed. It is clearly the ideal answer for the home with everything...but space! It brings a new dimension to any size living area with custom designs to meet a wide variety of uses and can be constructed in about a day. The Add-A-Room system is totally adaptable and compatible with, or without existing roofs, foundations, porches and decks. It is available in a 2” (non-thermal) and 3” (Thermal) configuration and offers an attractive array of interior and exterior colors and options. Not only is the Add-A-Room aesthetically appealing, it saves money. Its energy efficient design will cut heating and cooling costs and is fashioned for maximum durability in hot or cold weather, wind and rain. All materials come with diagrams for installation, saving costly time and labor costs on location. INSULATED PANELS REDUCE ENERGY COSTS Each panels core consists of expanded polystyrene, a product used in freezer, refrigerator and cooler walls to achieve the most energy efficient means of temperature control. The core is impervious to moisture, insects and mildew. The insulation value of each panel is equal to approximately 5” of fiberglass, 10” of hardwood or 48” of brick. 10 YEAR WARRANTY Elite Panel Product Products Corporation manufactures panel products from the highest grade materials by skilled craftsmen to meet the highest standards of workmanship in the industry. Elite’s Add-A-Room system carries a limited warranty against crazing, cracking, chipping, peeling, blistering or delamination for 10 years. OPTIONAL FEATURES Add-A-Room offers numerous optional features, including;  Wall facings finished with Durashield, Aluminum, etc.  Extrusion colors are available in white, almond or bronze.  Chase is available for electric, skylights and many more. QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION The maintenance free Add-A-Room can be installed in about a day. Elite’s insulated panels replace, in one simple installation, the time, supplies and labor formerly used in constructing with concrete block, wood, sheetrock and plaster. Both finished sides of the insulated panels are installed simultaneously, eliminating huge amounts of labor and costs involved in conventional construction. HURRICANE AND BUILDING CODE APPROVED Elite’s Add-A-Room can be constructed to meet building code standards in your area. The Add-A Room is Hurricane Code approved. Standard panels meet loading and wind load requirements. COLOR and FINISH AVAILABILITY Roof panels and wall panels are available in variety of colors. Ask For samples.
  2. Prefab Home / Building Systems
    Prefab Home / Building Systems
    Elite Prefab Home (s) has over 70 years of combined building experience in the modular home industry, and has built over 220,000 modular homes and buildings. Our original modular home, built and assembled over 35 years ago, is still in use today. The majority of the residential homes, low cost housing, office and commercial buildings, industrial buildings, military installations, schools, and hospitals have been exported to South and Central America and the Caribbean.



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Do you need prices for your addition, prefab building, school, foundation, plumber, electriction, AC, ect? Absolutely, Get all your costs BEFORE you start your dream project with a Preliminary Plan from us for only $150 instead of 4 to $600 from an Architect. Just send your sketch or drawing that includes measurments, doors & windows along with $150 to [email protected] using above. Pls allow a week for delivery.

Also, FIRST TO DO is to take your Survey & Preliminary Plan to your Building Department to get your city STAMPED = Project Approved.
Don't forget that your dream will be 80% prep & 20% work.
Best practice is to just email a Preliminary Plan shown on the left to potential contractors found on Best of all, it's completely free! Craigslist is a free service for homeowners to search for pros nationwide. From a GC, handyman, AC guys, plumbers, and more. You can get matched up to professionals for each of their projects, for free! you can have contractors compete for their business. By getting several pros in your area.  

Our mission is to combine engineering and architecture applications with production in such a way as to provide (fabricate) a modular home that is moderate in cost, yet has the styling of a custom built home, produced on a mass basis. 

Elite Prefab Systems unique fabrication process allows us to design different structural panels for various applications. Our insulated wall and roof panels have a superior resistance to heat or cold flow, offering insulation "R" factors from 19 through 30. These unique structural panels will provide unmatched energy savings pertaining directly to heating and cooling costs year round. Our walls and roof panels will not tolerate termites or any other insects which destroy wood homes. Our wall and roof panels meet or exceed the strictest of codes virtually any place in the world.