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Prefab homes are becoming much more popular and commonplace than in the past. As people begin to understand their benefits, an increasing number are beginning to purchase prefab homes or at least are considering doing so. They are no longer viewed as unattractive or cheap looking. The design and architecture has been greatly approved and people are thus finding them a viable option. Elite Prefab Homes specializes in prefab home construction and assembly. Anyone considering prefab homes should contact them for more information and pricing. They will be able to provide information about both. 

Elite Prefab Homes will work with individuals at all stages of the planning process. They will even take a sketch of the home or building a person wants constructed and then will create the plans for it, free of charge, when a person orders prefab home or building.

The prefab homes constructed by Elite Prefab Homes are made from what are known as structural insulated panels (SIPs). SIPs are incredibly strong and durable, destroying the notion that prefab homes are made from cheap, flimsy materials. 

One of the best things about prefab homes is the fact that they are easy to assemble and that they can be constructed very quickly. It takes far less time to build prefab homes than it does a traditional home. This is one of the reasons why people who do like them, do so. An individual can have a home or building constructed in a very short amount of time. In fact, it is possible for a team of three men to assemble the panels of a 2000 square foot home in as little as one day. That is generally unheard of, especially for traditionally built homes.

In addition to great design and the ability to have a home constructed a in a very short amount of time, another benefit associated with prefab homes is qualification as an EPA Energy Star house. Homes that are energy efficient qualify. Because prefabricated homes, by and large, help to decrease energy costs, they can be classified as EPA Energy Star homes. This is something that will really appeal to people who consider themselves environmentalists.

Individuals interested in prefabricated homes, should contact Elite Prefab Homes today. They assemble high quality prefabricated homes quickly, efficiently and expertly. In just a few, short days, a person can have a well-designed, attractive home built at their location of choice.