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Insurance companies, appraisers and banks treat SIP prefab homes the same way they treat standard(wood frame or block) construction systems.

Have you ever heard about prefab homes?

While traditional homes are being built by several workmen right on the site, prefab homes, or often called prefabricated homes, are the houses that are being made in advance off-site, commonly in the standard sections which can be assembled and shipped easily. Several of the contemporary designs of these prefab homes include some architectural details that have been inspired by futurist architecture or postmodernism.

Prefab homes are less expensive to make compared to the traditional homes built on site and these can also be customized based on the specifications of homeowners. Although these kinds of houses are being built using the finest materials, there are still a lot of risks that are being associated to these prefab homes, such as bad weather and unexpected damage, the reason why it is very essential for homeowners to get insurance if they are planning to buy prefab homes.

A lot of homeowners wrongly assume that these houses are being insured in a different way from the site-built variants. As opposed to famous belief, insurance companies, appraisers and banks are actually treating SIP prefab homes the way they are treating standard construction systems made from block or wood frame. This means that these are being insured under the similar plans, assuming that the unit will adhere to HUD code. These days, even home builders can already recommend to their clients insurance companies that render covers that encompass all accidents.
One of the highly essential policies of insurance companies that homeowners should choose is the so-called trip collision insurance. In this kind of policy, the company will cover the total cost of the damages that might be suffered by prefab homes while they are being transported from the home builder’s factory to the site where it will be installed.
During installation, it is important for buyers to acquire an insurance cover for the houses against unfavorable weather conditions. This is something that is very crucial since hailstorms, windstorms, snow, incessant rains, and lightning have been proven time and time again to damaged even houses of the sturdiest construction. Owners can also choose an insurance against smoke, fire, theft, frozen plumbing, vandalism, and explosion in order to protect their prefab homes. It should be noted that earthquakes and floods are not being covered under insurance policies offered by majority of service providers.

It will also be great if you know that should you decide to sell your house, get some mortgage loans, settle tax matters and the likes, banks and appraisers will also treat prefab homes in the same way that they treat the regularly built houses. This means that you will not have to worry about your house being treated differently and that you will get what its real worth is.

For those who want to have prefab homes, rest assured that the insurance you will get be same as that of typical houses, with banks and appraisers treating them in exactly the same way.