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With the environment and the economy the way it is, many people are trying 

to do their best to go green. One of the nice things about that is that many 

businesses are offering incentives for 

individuals doing this. In addition to businesses offering 

prefab homes, not only are you helping the environment, you will also qualify 

for some nice things. It is said that insulating the shell of your home is the 

best way to conserve energy. A great way to do this is with these styles of 

homes that use structural insulated panels.

So you may ask why use insulated panels on prefab homes. There 

are many different benefits to doing this. The huge one 

naturally is the money that can be saved. Typically 

manufactured, or prefab homes, have gotten a bad rap. Yet when 

you think about it, they make a lot of sense. Prefab homes 

definitely make a sound investment. Most prefab homes are 

constructed much stronger than a typical home. They are also 

usually constructed to withhold the elements much better as 

well. Then when you have prefab homes that use insulated 

panels, they are that much more efficient and qualify for the 

EPA’s Energy Star Houses. 

For prefab homes to qualify for this they must benefit the 

environment through reduced energy usage. This is a good thing, 

and as mentioned prior can get many different perks for this. 

So not only are you helping the environment and making things 

better for the future generations, you can get other things as 

well. You will find that banks may offer you a lower interest 

mortgages. So not only are you conserving energy, you will be 

saving money as well. As most people are aware building a home 

is a very expensive venture. When constructing prefab homes, 

they take no time at all in comparison. They can be put 

together in a fraction of the time, which saves time and money.

Many people today are looking to purchasing prefab homes for 

many of the reasons mentioned above. In a time when things are 

tough you want to make sure you get the most for your money and 

with modular homes you most definitely do. In addition when 

using the insulated panels you are saving money and helping the 

environment. We all need to make sure that we try to do our 

part in helping where we live. This is definitely one way that 

you can do this. 

When looking for prefab homes you can find them already made, 

or you can have your own designed .When designing your own you 

can make sure that all the energy features are included. You 

will then are recognized as an EPA energy Star house, and reap 

the benefits that come with that distinction. All you need to 

do to get this started is look for a local place that makes 

these types of homes and discuss your ideas with them. In no 

time at all you will be happily in your new energy saving prefab home.