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Prefab Homes - The Stucco In A Bucket
Prefab homes is short for prefabricated homes. Prefab homes are basically homes or structures which are manufactured and built off site in advanced and later on shipped and assembled. Prefab homes often uses designs with elements consisting of futuristic architecture and postmodernism. Prefab homes usually uses durable, yet easy and efficient materials for the structures, and one of the most used material is the Stucco in a bucket.
Stucco in a bucket is a an easy to use material, and it is long lasting and durable as well, which is the main reason why it is used in most prefab homes production. It is a wall-finishing material which is made out of elastomeric, sand and Portland cement which simply rolls on the wall in fine, coarse or medium. The stucco in a bucket is so convenient, that all you need to do is simply paint it on the material base of the wall, and when it dries, it will look like drywall on the inside of the walls, and it will look like stucco on the outside of the wall. This will give the prefab homes a more modern and expensive look, but at an efficient cost.
With all the choices of materials available today, it could be difficult to choose one for your prefab homes. The stucco in a bucket is a preferred choice by builders to use for prefab homes because of it being cost efficient. Despite of the high quality it provides, the stucco in the bucket is considered to be quite affordable and cost efficient. The dried stucco is quite resistance towards the development of mold due to it being able to transmit moisture and water vapor. 
The stucco in the bucket provides wall finishing which is both durable and breathable. It is able to last long and withstand elements, as well as impact resistant and extremely hard. The stucco in the bucket also produces fire-resistant walls, and it can last for even decades. Due to its breathability, the stucco in the bucket is ideal for almost any climate. 
The stucco in the bucket is also an ideal choice for prefab homes simply because of how it helps with construction speed. All that needs to be done is to 'paint' it on, and wait for it to dry. The stucco in the bucket will make you create a strong, lasting, yet beautiful walls for your prefab homes.