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Elite Prefab Home (s) has over 70 years of combined building experience in the modular home industry, and has built over 220,000 modular homes and buildings. Our original modular home, built and assembled over 35 years ago, is still in use today. The majority of the residential homes, low cost housing, office and commercial buildings, industrial buildings, military installations, schools, and hospitals have been exported to South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Our mission is to combine engineering and architecture applications with production in such a way as to provide (fabricate) a modular home that is moderate in cost, yet has the styling of a custom built home, produced on a mass basis. 

Elite Prefab Systems unique fabrication process allows us to design different structural panels for various applications. Our insulated wall and roof panels have a superior resistance to heat or cold flow, offering insulation "R" factors from 19 through 30. These unique structural panels will provide unmatched energy savings pertaining directly to heating and cooling costs year round. Our walls and roof panels will not tolerate termites or any other insects which destroy wood homes. Our wall and roof panels meet or exceed the strictest of codes virtually any place in the world, for example, they are approved for Dade County, Florida, one of the toughest codes in the USA!!! 

Our concept is simple .... take advantage of modern, proven technology, utilize special machinery, basic materials, efficient fabrication techniques, and fast assembly procedures ... to offer a superior product at a low cost! 

Our unique building system sets us apart from the rest of the Industry, offering many advantages and flexibility not available with other building systems. For instance, our building system is suitable for any terrain or climate conditions and we have virtually no limitations as to design layout or only one level structures. Further, our building system offers many advantages at the building site such as: storage; erection time and ease; security as to theft and damage, weather problems, waste, etc. And finally, the developer, contractor, or owner/builder can be vastly more sure of his cost and time factors. 

 Our modern manufacturing facilities are located in South, Florida which houses our specialized architectural department. We can respond quickly to the custom designing of homes and buildings per customer's layout and design, and then follow through with the fabrication. Our staff is always available to answer customer's questions and can supply in depth consulting/support when needed. 

The research and development department is constantly testing and fabricating new design applications, which allow our system to change with new technology and with today's housing and building demands. 

Our future plans include assembly of factories worldwide to meet the ever growing housing demand. Depending on the specific location, our factories will be equipped with equipment to assemble PVC framed windows for colder climates where condensation on window frames is a major problem. 

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