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 Insulated panels are manufactured out of foam, and consists of a series of corrugated ribbons which, when nested together, form hexagonal cells and can be manufactured in various sizes and lengths. This remarkably lightweight material is approximately 95% air and only 5% material.

Elite Prefab Homes exclusive formulation of polystyrene and selected polymers impregnation greatly enhances the physical properties, increases resistance to moisture, increases resistance to decay fungi and insects such as termites and ants. For example, Elite Prefab Homes exclusive formulation will retain 70% of its original dry strength after prolong water soaking for 48 hours and return to its original strength after it dries.

 When Elite Prefab Homes insulated panels are used as the core of a sandwich panel the structure has many applications in the building industry, such as exterior walls, interior partitions, floor panels, roof panels, etc. When used as a wall, these panels act as a column and will carry loads up to ten (10) times that of conventional frame construction.
-- Pound for pound ... insulated panels are better! 

This is the strongest structural material known to man. Because of its extremely high strength-to weight ratio, insulated panels have been used extensively in the aviation and aero-space industries. These weight savings and high strength advantages together with the low cost of foam insulated panels can be transmitted into a superior product at a cost savings for the building industry. 

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Insulated Home Panel Kits
Insulated Home Panel Kits
Elite Prefab Homes
Elite Prefab Homes
Insulated Home Panel Kits