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Prefabricated houses modern
Prefabricated houses modern
Buildings For Developers, Contractors & Do-It-Yourselfers.
Pictured from left to right...
Braxton Willis(Grandson)
Jody Willis (Owner/red shirt)
Jacob Willis (son)
Cleo Willis (Father holding Rudy)
Trinity Drafting
"Drawing Your Dream"
Need a draftsman for your new building, home or addition?
Let us help! Serving the entire USA and the world.
We have 30 yrs (70 yrs total) of construction and design experience!
Price Includes Engineering
Back in the "good old days" I used to draw plans with a drafting table, drafting tools, and a BIG eraser! But now I use the computer with CAD (Computer Aid Drafting/Design) software. I didn't think that I'd ever get used to the idea of letting a computer draw for me, but.......... now, I'd never go back to that old pencil and eraser again!

My name is Jody Willis. I am the owner of Trinity Drafting. I have been in the construction/design business for almost 30 yrs now. I've seen the construction industry change tremendously over this time. Believe it or not, it really has changed for the better. Here in Florida, with all of the hurricanes that we've had lately, we've had to adopt new stricter structural laws. The homes and commercial buildings are more structurally sound now than ever before, due to these changes.

In this fast changing world of construction, you have to stay on the cutting edge or you'll get left behind. A good drafting company does this. Of course there's always a few good old ideas that seem to get lost over the years. Our company brings the good "old stuff " and puts it together with the good "new stuff " and mixes it up to make the best drawings around.

We can take a .tif/.gif/.jpg/.pdf sketch emailed to us or hand drawn fax and turn it into a full set of plans ready for permitting. Just let us know what works best for you.

Thank you for your time. Please let us know how we can serve you.