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                      BUILDING PANELS   

Elite Prefab Homes manufactures and supplies Insulated Building Panels ... and we can include with these panels other building materials and supplies to offer a complete Building Package of many and various configurations ranging from a multi level structure to low cost housing as well as additions, partitions, and the building panels alone. 

Our concept is simple ... take advantage of modern, proven technology, utilize special machinery, basic materials, efficient fabrication techniques, and fast assembly procedures ... to offer a superior building product at a low cost! 

Overall costs can be calculated and controlled to a much closer degree because many of the variables such as weather factors, skilled labor costs and availability, length of construction loans and the attendant costs thereof, condition of raw material especially lumber, etc. now become a known factor or much more of a controlled variable. The low cost of the Insulated Building Panels and the savings of purchasing a prefabricated structure in general put the control and savings in the hands of the developer, contractor, or owner/builder ... where it should be!!! 

DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS - Building Panels are ideally suited to prefabricated structures and structures in general. The Elite Modular Homes Building Panels has the highest strength to weight ratio and when used as a wall, these panels act as a column and will carry loads up to ten (10) times that of conventional frame construction and are NOT limited to single level structures. Rapid Modular Homes can panelized your existing drawings or work with you in designing structures to suit your new needs. 

STRENGTH - Pound for pound honeycomb is the strongest structural material known to man. Because of its extremely high strength-to weight ratio, honeycomb has been used extensively in the aviation and aero-space industries, and it has been proven over the years that this strength also relates to the ability for your home or structure to withstand nature's fury - the hurricane and other intense storms!!! 

TIME SCHEDULING AND SAVINGS - from your initial inquiry, producing any drawings required, manufacturing and packaging your order, delivery of your order, and follow-on support ... Elite Modular Homes will relieve you of many of the usual delays and headaches to often associated with these activities. 

ERECTION SCHEDULING AND SAVINGS - the Package supplied by Elite Modular Homes will come to the job site on time. Assembly is greatly simplified as the Building Panels are light weight and due not require as much skilled labor as on site cutting and conventional building. The structures are far more quickly erected and under lock and key to also greatly cut down on theft problems and costly delays due to weather interruptions. 

BUILDING PANEL SURFACES - do to the nature of their construction, are flat and smooth. This eliminates costly finishing operations due to surface imperfections such as oil canning, ridges, bulges, and telegraphing of interior structural members common to conventional fabrication methods. This characteristic alone has won ISO-25 a wide acceptance as a core stock for pool table playing surfaces. 

VERSATILITY - A great variety of facing materials can be used to give variations to the finish and structural characteristics of Elite Modular Homes Building Panels. Plywood, steel, aluminum, plastics, cement-asbestos board, glass fiber-reinforced polyesters and paper are among the facing materials that are commonly bonded to the honeycomb cores to suit various applications. 

MOISTURE RESISTANCE - an exclusive formulation of phenol-formaldehyde and selected polymers impregnation of the honeycomb core greatly enhances its resistance to moisture. For example, Elite Modular Homes exclusive formulation will retain 70% of its original dry strength after prolong water soaking and return to its original strength after it dries. 

INSULATION - the thousands of small trapped air cells present in the foam configuration provide a very good insulation. In addition to this excellent thermal insulation, the insulated panel also serves as a superior sound deadening wall. 

FIRE RESISTANCE - an exclusive formulation of phenol- formaldehyde and selected polymers impregnation of the insulated core greatly enhances its resistance to combustion. Due to the absence of flue-lines for a fire to spread (as in conventional wood framing) it becomes very difficult to get an Elite Modular Homes Building Panel to burn. 

DURABILITY - an exclusive formulation of phenol-formaldehyde and selected polymers impregnation of the core greatly resists aging and deterioration, mold, decay. rot, fungi, vermin, and etc. Long term aging and exposure tests spanning nearly forty (40) years have proven this characteristic. 

Our staff of engineers and building consultants are always ready to answer your questions, submit quotations, and assist you in any way possible. 


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