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The earliest major testing on insulated panels for use in housing was done by the U.S. Government's Forest Products Laboratory in 1946. These test structures still stand with no evidence of deterioration or reduction in structural integrity. 

The use of insulated panels as a building component is not a new concept, it has been developed, tested, improved upon, and proven over a fifty year period. Every major U.S. building code authority has approved insulated panels for housing, including the U.S. Government, (FHA) (HUD), and the U.S. Military services Corps of Engineers. 

Since 1959, major insulated panelized housing and building projects have been completed in over sixty two countries around the world. More and more, architects, developers, contractors, governments, corporations, and owner builders are taking advantage of this superior, low cost product and the many benefits its utilization offers. 


Due to its many properties, including higher strength to weight ratio, insulated sandwich design has even been utilized extensively in all of America's space vehicles from Mercury and Gemini to Apollo and the Space Shuttle. It helped transport the first U.S. astronauts to the moon and back as well as providing the structure in the Bahamas used for their quarantine upon their return. This Quarantine Building is still in use today, GRAND BAHAMA MISSLE BASE. This is the same technology being employed to provide a superior, low cost structural building product for home and building construction around the world.

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