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After the initial inquiry, any consulting necessary, quotation, and producing of any drawings required, Elite Prefab Homes processes your order for shipping. All items not manufactured in house are ordered and the deliveries verified. The building panels are manufactured as well as other items that will be produced by Elite Prefab Homes. 

Normally, the building panels are surfaced with aluminum, hardboard, plasterboard, and/or wood. The building panels are normally standard in width, and can be cut to any length. After the building panels are cut to length, preparations are made for installation of windows, doors, and electrical boxes and conduit. The finished building package can be furnished with these items and any other items that may be specified. 

The exterior panels normally have an aluminum skin covered with a finish material, often a texcote (plaster) finish giving the appearance of concrete. This particular finish is available in several colors. The "R" Factor attained by our building panels ranges from 22 through 30. Elite Prefab building panels meet or exceed the strictest of codes virtually any place in the world, for example, they are approved for the State of Florida, one of the toughest codes in the U.S.A.!!! 

  All Elite Prefab Homes prefabricated building packages are shipped in Knock-Down or Kit form with all items ordered. shipping by land, sea, or air is scheduled so delivery is timely to your production needs. 

In most cases, assembly requires only hand tools (no cranes), unskilled labor, and a construction supervisor, provided by the buyer. The Building Panels are joined together (including roof panels) by use of an extrusion that is inserted between the two panels. The exterior wall panels are attached to the foundation (concrete or raised floor) by use of an aluminum "U" channel and riveted every three inches. The "U" channel is secured to the foundation by lead shield expanding bolts. An aluminum extrusion cap is placed on top of the exterior walls and fastened with rivets to both the roof panels and the exterior walls. The roof panels are joined together at the peak by a two piece aluminum extrusion that is fastened by rivets and aluminum thru bolts. 

This particular method of construction is extremely quick and simple, which reduces construction capital and overall costs. Most important, it lets you the DEVELOPER, CONTRACTOR, or OWNER/BUILDER be more in control of your project, minimizing or eliminating weather, theft, skilled labor, material, etc. problems that often drain profitability.

Prefab Home Kits
Prefab Home Kits
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Prefab Home Kits
Elite Prefab Homes
Elite Prefab Homes
Prefab Home Kits

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