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    THE APPLICATION: How to reduce the costs of school buildings while maintaining or improving quality. The modular buildings constructed with Elite Modular Homes sandwich panels are the lowest in cost, most rapidly erected, simplest in design, and most structurally sound basic buildings in existence today. 

Our School Buildings are available with or without bathroom facilities or storage facilities, and are a fraction of the cost of mobile home classrooms. The estimated life expectancy of mobile home style classrooms is less than 5 years, which only offers a costly short term solution.

This particular method of construction is extremely quick and simple, which reduces construction capital and overall costs. MOST IMPORTANT, it lets you the DEVELOPER, CONTRACTOR, or Regulation Authority be more in control of your project, minimizing or eliminating weather, theft, skilled labor, material, etc. problems that often drain profitability or add to costs. 

SINGLE or MULTI-UNITS - build faster, for less money, than any other construction method known today! 

Built 1962 Queens College, Nassau, Bahamas (STILL IN USE)
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School Classroom's & Bathroom's in 
Kingston, Jamacia = Installed June 2004 In 3 Weeks.
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