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Why It’s So Easy to Build a Home with the Elite Prefab Homes System

Ever thought that building your dream home would take too much time and it would be easier to buy? That is something that many people think about – along with the extra cost – but the good news is that it is possible to build a home quickly and easily; it is all about choosing the right company and materials to do it for you. One option is to look into prefab homes.

Elite uses structural insulated panels (SIPs) for all of their prefab homes. These use a foam core with cement board either side of it. The panels are perfect when it comes to roofing, ceilings and even exterior walls because they are strong and durable. They are also extremely easy to use, which is why it only takes a day for a team of three people to erect a 2000 sq. ft. home. And it will only take three days from that to complete “dry-in” the prefab homes.
TOP prefab homes for sale
THE DOMINGO​ $59,900, 1 OR 2 BEDROOMS WITH OR W/O LOFTS. 8' WIDE x 40' LONG - 320 SQ. 
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prefab houses
Our price average is $43.75 a sq ft including S&H in 48 states
We will be able give you a price when you give us a set of plans or 
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Tiny 200 sq ft Home For $7,000
Tiny House 2 400 sq ft Home For $14,000
The Islander 750 sq ft Home For $32,812.50
The Meadow View 500 sq ft Home For $21,875
The Rose Cottage 1200 sq ft Home For $52500
prefab tiny homes
The Hollies 1409 sq ft Home For $61,643
small prefab homes
The Sunnyside 616 sq ft Home For $26,950
container homes
The Willows 1294 sq ft Home For $56,661
small prefab homes
The Springfield 750 sq ft Home For $32,812
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The School House 900 sq ft School For $39,375
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850 sq ft Bath Room's For $29,750
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The School House #2 - 750 sq ft School For $29,531
The Countryside 1475 sq ft Home For $64,531
Elite Prefab Home Kits Offer Solutions To The Worlds Home Shortages For The Deprived, Underprivileged And Low Income Populations In Society By Providing The Total Prefab Home Kit, A Systems For Bacic, Low-Cost, Quality Built Prefab Home. The Prefab Home Kits Are Constructed With Sandwich Panels Are The Lowest In Cost, Most  
Rapidly Erected, Simplest In Design, And Most Structurally Sound-Basic Prefab Home In Existence Today.
With Paypal, there is No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99+ Interest will be 
charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is Not paid in full within 6 months.