prefab homes
Elite pre-cut prefabricated buildings go up amazingly fast. Simplicity of erection of the panels eliminates 
the need for heavy equipment such as cranes, forklifts, etc. The heaviest component is handled 
easily by two men.  Under supervision of a Elite Technician the entire structure can be erected 
by unskilled labor.  Most of the world's standard electrical and plumbing systems are 
adaptable to our Elite Housing System.


Field applied finishes are applied to cement board or to aluminum panels for the
conventional concrete look, are specified and supplied by Elite.  These great
electrometric finishes come in any color and have been field tested for over 10
years with no cracking, peeling or fading. These finishes come in a variety of colors
                        for the interior and exterior. The exterior when dry looks like stucco and the interior 
                        looks like drywall.

We sell "Shells" or a "Complete a Package". Get Bulk Discounts!

Cost for our buildings (shells) is $31.75 per Sq. Ft. 

Cost for our buildings "Complete a Package" is $43.75 per Sq. Ft. and what is included is:

 1) The 6" (R-30) roof, the 4" (R-19) exterior walls and everything to put the 
system together. You can have the roof from 5/12 down to a 2/12 depending on Engineering.

2) 8 aluminum single hung or rolling sliders window's.

3) The front & rear steel door's.

4) Electrical chase in the walls.

5) An Elite Tech will  meet the truck at your property to oversee & help you get started with 
the installation for a day or two to make sure you get just started correctly, on larger projects he will stay on the.
project for as long as it takes for the crew's to be fully trained in the job of putting these Elite prefabs together.

6) 3 sets of sealed plans of the homes for your Building Department & your contractor's.

7) The "Stucco in A Bucket" that simply rolls on to the walls in course, medium or fine. When it dry's, the product
will look like drywall on the inside of the walls and it will look like stucco on the outside of the walls.

You will have your shell dried in, in 1.5 days at the most with 6 unskilled helpers and a contractor working on the
The "Complete Package" is Turnkey, it is just a few dollars more and it includes all the material's for the interior 
walls,  all doors, kitchen w/tile, bathroom w/fixtures, electric (including wire, fixtures & outlets). 

Uniform Building Code
International Conference of Building Officials
Southern Building Code Conference
Building Officials Conference of America
Southport Building Code
Council of American Building Officials

Elite structures can be easily expanded or modified after construction.  They can be designed 
and built for present needs with assurance that at a later date additional space or facilities 
can be added as required, or if need be, the entire building can be quickly and easily be 
disassembled and relocated.

Consistent quality, on-time delivery, and cost controls are realities with Elite...assure you of 
the finest products and lowest prices possible.

Global performance is what we are all about...

Do you have a set of plans yet? If not, all we need is a sketch of your building.
Let me know, we can do your plans at no extra cost because the cost is included in the price we give you.

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prefab homes
prefab homes
Elite prefab homes are constructed structural insulated panels are (SIP's) Elite is a product that fuses a foam core, like expanded polystyrene, between two outer skins of cement board for the walls. Aluminum (for the roof) to 
create a super-strong construction prefab homes panel. They are used to construct exterior walls, roofs and ceilings. Elites buildings are constructed from SIP's offer superior insulation qualities. Exceptional strength, fast installation and a host of benefits to the environment plus, no wood for bugs to eat prefab homes.

Owners of prefabricated building using structural insulated panels will qualify for the EPA's Energy Star houses. This is  given to houses that benefit the environment through reduced energy usage. Prefab homes that are given this designation may qualify for lower-interest mortgages or other benefits for prefab homes. 

Fast & Easy Construction and Finishing

Elite modular SIP's are joined together quickly and easily. A three-person crew can complete the panel erection of a standard 2,000 sq. ft. house in as little as one day. You can completely "dry-in" the house in as little as three days. SIP's also make inside finish work easier to complete. 

No drywall is needed to be installed to our interior OSB or SIP panel. Cabinets also are installed quickly since 
they can be bolted directly into the OSB panel. Electrical distribution is easily accomplished by running electrical wire through horizontal and vertical chases that run inside of each panel. 

Insurance companies, appraisers and banks treat SIP prefab homes the same way they treat standard 
(wood frame or block) construction systems.
prefab homes
Elite Prefab Homes
prefab homes
Why It’s So Easy to Build a Home with the Elite Prefab Homes System

Ever thought that building your dream home would take too much time and it would be easier to buy? That is something that many people think about – along with the extra cost – but the good news is that it is possible to build a home quickly and easily; it is all about choosing the right company and materials to do it for you. One option is to look into prefab homes.

Elite uses structural insulated panels (SIPs) for all of their prefab homes. These use a foam core with cement board either side of it. The panels are perfect when it comes to roofing, ceilings and even exterior walls because they are strong and durable. They are also extremely easy to use, which is why it only takes a day for a team of three people to erect a 2000 sq. ft. home. And it will only take three days from that to complete “dry-in” the prefab homes.

A major benefit is that no drywall is required, which will help to cut down on the time that it takes to finish the prefab homes and also cuts down on the amount of tools that are required for the job. The SIPs are all installed with everything that you could possible need. On top of that, all electrics can easily be run through the panels of the prefab homes. This is done through the chases that run horizontally and vertically between the panels.

You will not lose out when it comes to insurance or appraisals of the prefab homes. SIPs are considered to be the same when it comes to wooden or block constructions. They are just as safe and just as durable, which means that it will not cost more to insure your home by opting for a quicker and easier build.

The prefab homes are very easy to erect and are extremely lightweight. There is no need to worry about using cranes and forklifts, which cuts out the time that it takes to hire and use them. Everything needed for construction can all be handled by one or two men, which also cuts down the need for extra people, and there is no need to be skilled to put everything up – under the right supervision. Fewer tools are needed for the prefab homes, which also helps to save money as well as time.

Prefab homes also look great. They are all finished to offer a traditional look to a home and are extremely reliable. Each of the panels has been tested in the field to ensure that there is no fading, peeling or even cracking over a period of 10 years and then just a little maintenance is needed to keep them looking great and offering the stability that is required.

With the help of Elite SIPs, a home can be erected quickly and with very few tools. All of this not only saves time but also saves the money needed to have your very own dream home. So what are you waiting for? Get your prefab homes today!

Prefab Homes

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